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Fruits and Nuts

Customer-centric journey

Guiding our continuous improvement is the feedback we receive from our customers. These conversations are most important as they help us measure our personal growth as a brand. Some of our best-selling flavours, like Verve and Nutty Vanilla, were suggested by our valued patrons. We also have an uber-cool policy of sometimes letting our customers give final approval before the release of a flavour

The Tale of a Dessert Connoisseur

If a food enthusiast craving to stoke taste into every food he comes across can be called a cuisine connoisseur, then the story of Shwey’s is about a dessert connoisseur!

Abhner Pauly found himself starting a business after he rescued a leftover cake from excessive amounts of baking soda by whisking it with some cream. He then witnessed himself relishing a very delicious dessert.

Our ice creams are packed in handcrafted ceramic jars of 500/ 1000 ml capacities
They can be repurposed into storage containers, baking jars or even planters
Buy backs are also an option for those who want to return these containers and avail a discount on subsequent orders

Partner With Us

Commitment to Transparency
Shwey’s lets our clientele visit our unit to witness how our ice creams are churned and processed to create yummy and succulent tastes!

Scoop from the many
We make a myriad of options available for our clientele, from which they get to choose the vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free versions of this frozen delight. We cater to a multitude of flavour favourites. Be it a plop of luscious berry-flavoured ice cream for kids, a cone for a stuffy noon, or a romantic Valentine’s date with your bae, you name the feeling, and we will have it churning!

Making eco-conscious choices
Along with providing an elevated culinary experience with our ice creams, we aim to choose sustainable alternatives wherever possible. For us, sustainability comes down to the kind of future we’re leaving for the next generation. We opt for local vendors as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting raw materials and packaging elements.

Discover Mindful Indulgence at Shwey’s

Shwey's Gourmet can be best described as a trove of exotic and premium artisanal ice creams! Located at the heart of Ernakulam city, Shwey’s Gourmet is a one-of-a-kind shop, a premium ice cream brand churned with homemade purity and decadent flavours.

If you are a fan of the salted caramel flavour or the traditional vanilla-brownie ice cream, Shwey’s has a different take on the classics too. From the Vanilla Brownie medley to the ‘Tangy Nimboo’ for sultry and doped noons, Shwey’s can make you indulge in your sweet tooth and also beat the heat while you are at it!