Welcome to Shwey’s Gourmet

Thoughtfully Handmade
Shwey’s Gourmet ice creams are meticulously handcrafted in small batches and comply with sustainability audits consistently. All our ingredients are thoughtfully blended to create a taste that leaves an indelible impression.

No Ice Crystals, Only Pure Ice Cream!
At Shwey’s Gourmet, you will only get to see ice creams with little air (low overrun). Shwey’s ice creams are not susceptible to freezer burn. This means that you get pure mindful indulgence in every mouthful of our ice creams, which will not have any ice crystals as they melt leisurely away!

Simple ingredients, extraordinary experience!

We take pride in curating our artisanal ice creams and presenting unadulterated scoops of happiness. At Shwey's, you will find a myriad of flavours, including all-time favourites like coffee, Alfonso mango, vanilla brownie, and even peanut butter-flavoured ice cream.

As ice cream makers, our endeavour is to offer flavour combinations that aren’t mainstream yet render huge palatability. Some of our crowd-pullers include mango-jalapeno, bacon ice cream, ricotta pista ice cream, and the Tangy Nimboo, which is our take on the humble lemonade.

Our menu also features thick ice cream cake shakes and floats, brownies, and cookie sandwiches, and since we never actually stop trials in our kitchen, it is dynamic and features seasonal and festive best-sellers as well.