Dark (not bitter) chocolate with orange peel-centred chocolate nibs

Chocolate brownie

Shwey's signature chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks

Bumpy Ride

Shwey's signature chocolate ice cream with marshmallows

Choco Crunch

Shwey's signature chocolate ice cream with roated almonds


Plain chocolate ice cream churned with wheat biscuits

Coco Honey

Chocolate milk ice cream caramelised with honey

Ricotta Pista

Ricotta cheese ice cream with pistachio nuts

Blueberry Cream Cheese

Artisanal cream cheese ice cream with blueberry compote

Strawberry Swirl

Generous helpings of homemade strawberry compote in our signature cream ice cream

Nutty Vanilla

Classic vanilla ice cream using whole vanilla pods and fistfuls of our favorite nuts, roasted pistachios, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts


A happy combination of mango and raspberry

Not So Aam

Sweet Alphonso mango ice cream with fiery bits of jalapeno

Mango Mania

Original Alphonso mango pulp churned into ice cream

White Chistmas

White chocolate ice cream with raspberry compote

Tangy Nimboo

Yuzu ice cream

Vanilla Brownie

The ultimate classic Vanilla ice cream churned with chunky brownie slices

Salted Caramel

An intense blend of caramel ice cream seasoned with sea salt

Simply Coffee

Classic coffee ice cream


Peanut butter ice cream topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce

Bacon of light

Vanilla ice cream infused with bacon, served with a generous topping of bacon bits tossed in maple syrup

SORBETS(made using whole fruits)

Green Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Chocolate

Tangy Nimboo Float

Thick Chocolate Cake Shake

Alphonso Mango Ice Cream Shake

Simply Coffee Ice Cream Shake